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Direct Engraving

If your pieces is directly laser engravable and will fit inside the laser then your CraftID signature could be directly engraved on your piece. Consider that testing may be needed when budget time and cost. Here are some general guidelines.

To be directly engravable your piece must:

  • Fit in the laser
  • Be an engravable material
  • Have an engravable surface

Fit in the Laser Engraver

Our current laser engraver will accept items with maximum dimensions of 12" x 24" x 6".  Nothing taller than 6" high can be engraved in this machine.  We may have access to a larger machine so if you have something up to 24" x 36" x 12" please contact us so we can discuss your needs.

Be an Engravable Material

Safely engravable materials include most varieties of wood, glass, some plastics, acrylics, leather, antler / horn, and some rubber materials.  Actual results can vary widely depending on the exact material.  If you have special materials needs please contact us and we can work through getting something that will work for you.

Have an Engravable Surface

All laser engravers must work on (focus to) basically a flat surface.  We've had success engraving inside platters, on wine stoppers, on spheres and other non-flat surfaces.  If you have something that isn't quite flat please contact us for details.