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CraftID styles are defined by the fonts and layouts used to present the signature and other information on each CraftID.  These styles apply specifically to Artisan CraftIDs.  Professional series CraftIDs and progressively higher levels are most content-driven in design and layout.  While the same fonts and general layouts might be applicable to Professional and Professional Plus series CraftIDs you should consider that those CraftID levels will frequently be produced with different styles.

Style 1 is a simple style intended for woodworkers.  It includes your name in the center on one, two (most common), or three lines plus the words 'Wood' and 'Working' respectively above and below your name.
Style 2 is a popular style.  It includes the words 'Hand Crafted by' in a sans-serif font on an arc around the top edge of the CraftID.  Your name is centered on the CraftID in one, two or three lines.  The name can be any number of characters that can be legibly engraved.  Generally this will limit you to around 8, 12 and 10 characters respectively on the three lines. Your name can be engraved in a script or non-script font.  If you have a specific font choice please convey that during your checkout.  If we don't have the exact font we will work with you to get something close that you like.
Style 3 is the same as style 2 with the exception that the 'Hand Crafted by' text is done in a specific font that stands out well when laser engraved.  This distinct font provides a little extra flavor and differentiation and can make your name stand out even more.
Style 4 is very similar to style 2 except that the 'Hand Crafted by' text font is less compact.  So it takes up a little more space and my slightly limit your name space.  But, the trade-off is that the 'Hand Crafted by' text is a bit easier to read.  This is really a personal preference decision based on which font looks best to you.
Style 5 is very different from styles 1 through 4.  The words 'Hand Crafted by' are arranged horizontally across the top instead of in an arc around the top of the CraftID.  There are two horizontal lines underlining the 'Hand Crafted by' text that set the text off from your name.  Your name is then included below that text in either a script of non-script font.  If you have a specific font that you like please let us know and we will work with you as best we can.  Bear in mind that fonts that produce letters with very fine lines my not show up well.  Bolder fonts are usually the best.
Style 7 is another unique CraftID style.  The words 'Hand Crafted by' are included in an arc around the top of the CraftID generally in the same font as is used in Style 3.  However, your name is included in the center of the CraftID on an oblique (slanted) angle inside an engraved circle.  This is one of our more popular styles.