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CraftID Fills and Finishes

CraftID fills and finishes can be added to most wood veneer and plywood versions.  Availability with plastic, acrylic, metal and other materials will vary.

Standard CraftIDs are unfilled and unfinished cherry wood.  It is presumed that most artisans will apply the CraftID once the piece is completed and sanded, but before finishing begins.  This way the CraftID has the same finish as the piece it signs.

CraftIDs may be custom ordered as filled and/or sealed or finished.  We use General Finishes Arm-R-Seal oil and urethane finishes.  If you want something else you'll have to finish them yourself.  Since the CraftIDs come in a 'card' of 25 pieces, you could easily finish a batch of 25 CraftIDs at a time prior to removing them from the card.

We can fill the CraftIDs with colored epoxy.  Available colors may vary from time to time.  If interested in filled CraftIDs please contact us to work out the details on the color.