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CraftID Material Options

CraftIDs are most frequently made from wood and used by woodturners and woodworkers.  CraftIDs can also be made from acrylics, plastic, metals, glass and, well ... bring us your idea and we can talk.

CraftIDs are most frequently made from wood and used by woodturners and woodworkers on their beautiful, hand-crafted works of art. Our most popular 1" CraftIDs are made from cherry veneer.  We also make CraftIDs from acrylics, and engraveable plastics.  We can also create your CraftIDs on some glass and leather products.  If you have a special need for signing and marketing your artwork and craft pieces contact us.  We will be happy to discuss your custom CraftID requirements.

Wood CraftIDs

Cherry is one of the best woods to engrave due to the high contrast acheivable.  Other woods that can be laser engraved with success include maple, most birch plywoods, poplar and alder. We have created custom CraftIDs from a wide variety of other woods including oak, walnut, magnolia, sycamore, gum, osage orange, jatoba, mahogany, mulberry and more. Woods that may do less well when laser engraved include those with substantial density and resin content variations usually corresponding to growth rings.  Examples are oak, ash and pine.  While these woods can be laser engraved they can exhibit substantial variations in contrast that may make the laser engraving less than acceptable.

Laserable Plastic CraftIDs

Several companies make plastics for the commercial sign industry that are laser engravable.  These can make beautiful CraftIDs.  They are absolutely the ultimate solution for Master CraftIDs using a QR code due to the high contrast available using a white background and black 'code blocks'.  These may not be the solution for your curly ambrosia maple turned, lidded box, but they are a first choice for customer-facing marketing displays and other products.

Leather, Paper, and Acrylic CraftIDs

We do not offer CraftIDs made from these materials as standard products. If you have specific needs please contact us with your requirements including quantities, materials of choice, artwork you will label with your CraftIDs and methods of attachment.  We will be happy to work with you to create suitable CraftIDs.  Since each of these materials can be engraved and cut using a laser engraver the possibilities are endless.

Glass CraftIDs

We've never made a CraftID on glass.  Since glass is an engravable material though it is possible.

Metal CraftIDs

We have made CraftIDs from metal - copper specifically. Our laser engraver will not actually engrave metals.  However we can coat many raw metals such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and brass with Cermark.  When engraved correctly, Cermark bonds with the metal.  What is left is a durable black 'engraving' on top of the metal. While these are not for everyone they can be a stricking addition for signing your work with style.  Note: QR code scanners do not work at all on objects with a reflective background.  They cannot pick up the contrast (as yet anyway).  So Master CraftIDs using a QR code are not very practical yet on metals.

Other CraftID Materials

Denim and other cloth materials, some papers, and some rubber materials are just a few of the examples of more materials that can be laser engraved. If you have unique craft marketing requirements please contact us about customizing a CraftID for your business.