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Signature Medallions

Not surprisingly there are other people who make some form of signature medallion similar to a CraftID. For example, Highland Woodworking sells plywood signature medallions through their catalog and website. I really like Highland Woodworking and highly recommend them.  No, I don't make their signature medallions but I know the person who does and know that I'd recommend them also.  If Highland Woodworking signature medallions are what you're looking for then by all means send them your business.  I'm guessing there will be enough interest and business for us all.  I've also seen links to old posts on the woodworkers forum where people used to make signature medallions, but not sure if they still do.

Buy-CraftIDThere will always be options.  I'm sure there will eventually be others who make more signature medallions.  By then we will have more and different CraftID products and services as well.  We know you have choices.  That's why we continually work to earn your business and your recommendations to fellow woodworkers and artisans.  If you want flexibility, craftsmanship, fast service and great designs then of course a CraftID is your best woodworking signature, craft signature or artisan signature solution. Put your best signature on every piece.  Just click on the button to buy a CraftID online today.