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We can create a perfect CraftID for your craft signature and marketing needs. Our online CraftID store offers a wide range of standard options.  Plus we can create a custom CraftID just the way you want it. Begin by selecting one of four levels based on your art and craft goals.

Sample-Artisan-Sheet-TopBuy-Artisan-CraftIDArtisan CraftID signature medallions include the words "Hand Crafted by" plus your name. The laser engraved signature could be your business name, your personal name, or something else. Let us know if you need something special and we'll do all we can to create something just for you.  We can change the "Hand Crafted by" wording.  Some other options might be "Hand made by", "From the Shop of" or "Engineered by".  Get creative and tell us what you need.

Sample-Professional-Sheet-TopBuy-Professional-CraftIDProfessional CraftID signature medallions are intended for use by artists and craftspeople who sell their work and want to including some contact information with their signature.  These laser engraved signature medallions could also be useful to artisans who hand sign their work but also want to include a CraftID for advertising, promotion and contacts. Professional CraftIDs may include your name, website URL, phone number or other contact information you need to stay connected with your customer.  The text fonts and other criteria can all be customized.  There are no standard styles as with Artisan CraftIDs because all the content can change.  But most people follow a format similar to that shown in this example.

Sample-ProfessionalPlus-Sheet-TopBuy-ProfessionalPlus-CraftIDProfessional Plus CraftID signature medallions are typically used by artists and craftspeople who sell many items that are similar in design and/or materials.  Serialization means that each individual CraftID can be laser engraved with unique information such as a serial number, sequence number, date, SKU or other reference. Your Professional Plus CraftID can also identify materials used or something else. We can create CraftIDs that each carry some unique information. You choose what information to include and use it promote your work, invite referrals, highlight promotions or track your inventory.

Sample-Master-Sheet-TopBuy-Master-CraftIDMaster CraftID signature medallions are for you artists who really plan to market and sell your work, particularly in galleries, shops and festivals.  A Master CraftID includes a customizable, laser engraved QR code of your choosing.  You might use a Master CraftID on every piece you make as part of a long-term marketing and referral program.  You can use your Master CraftID as part of a customer-facing display at your point of sale so that browsing buyers can learn more about you and your work even when the shopkeeper, gallery owner, curator or even you are not available in person.  As shown in the example other information can also be laser engraved on your Master CraftID.  For now Master CraftIDs are available in 1.5" and larger diameters.  If you have unique and creative ideas on how to make your own Master CraftID just contact us and let us make just the CraftID you want so that you can sell more work.