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Stamped Signatures


Signature stamps are those rubber stamp apparatuses you may have seen used for stamping documents or checks.  Most signature stamps today are pre-inked.  They are convenient, quick, relatively inexpensive and they last a long time.  On the down side they may have varying results on wood depending on whether the wood is finished or sealed or not.  Also they are made to work on very flat surfaces.  So just like signature branding irons a signature stamp may have disappointing results on hand made craft items.

Depending on the ink used in the stamp you should also consider how long lasting your signature or logo will be if the item is handled or exposed to light or humidity.  As permanent as some inks would be they could still wear off a wood surface.  But, for hobby woodworkers and other craft makers a signature rubber stamp might be a best alternative to a CraftID.  A CraftID will last longer and look more professional, but it will cost more than a rubber stamp.

Buy-CraftIDEven customized stamps are relatively inexpensive.  Chances are you can have a signature stamp made and stamp your signature on even a few pieces for less than the cost of twenty five Artisan CraftIDs.  If this is the look you want on your product then don't even think about order a CraftID.  It really depends on your product - woodworking or whatever.  But while you're already here click on the button check out the options to buy a CraftID online and see if it works better.  We think so.