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Stick-on Label Signatures


There are many paper, thin plastic, label-maker and other stick-on labels options for signing your crafts.  There are some issue with using stick-on labels for signing your work.  If you are looking for a long term signature (and you should be) then labels that are stuck on your piece may fail and then your signature or logo is lost.  If design has anything to do with your artwork or craftwork then most stick-on labels may not be complimentary to your design. And when an artisan has gone to extensive effort to design, create and apply the perfect stick-on label frequently it is the adhesive that comes up short.

If your artwork or craft work has a limited useful life and that life is shorter than that of the label adhesive then you may be fine.  But, if your stick-on label adhesive weakens with heat, pressure, time and just general handling it may leave you anonymous.  It may leave a bad impression with buyers and collectors who perceive these as amateur. It may even be safe to say that any craft item with a stick-on label is unlikely to ever be a collector's item.  There are exceptions always, but you know what we're talking about.  A CraftID will always present a much more professional signature or logo for your arts and crafts than stick-on labels, and your CraftID will be there for as long as the piece is around.

Buy-CraftIDStick-on labels typically come in sheets and prices can vary widely.  So they can be really cost-effective per piece.  The real downside of stick-on labels is that they don't always stay stuck on.  Clear labels that show your work through the label are even typically hard to even see.  I know I would cringe at seeing some orange (or blue or green or pink) label on the bottom of a finely crafted wood bowl or platter or gorgeous spalted hollow form vase.  If your signature doesn't need to be permanent then maybe stick-on labels are perfect for you.  If you are a woodworker and you are proud of what you've made then make a signature that reflects that effort and skill.  Buy a CraftID online today.