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Signature Coins


There are several 'mints' that make exquisite cast metal coins and medallions for military and commercial groups, associations and clubs, as well as individuals.  The can represent anything from military campaigns to sales campaigns, fund raising success to successful completion of a race or contest.  They can be reasonably priced and from my personal experience are typically very impressive.   They may be heavy for some applications and too expensive for others.  There could be setup fees and minimum quantities.  Most metal coins start at 1.5".  To get started you need to order a minimum quantity of perhaps 100 pieces and you will have a die mold fee for at least one side.  It can easily cost $350 just to get your first batch of 100 coins.

With many wood craft items the weight of the larger cast coins would be an issue.  For many people the finish of the coins may not fit the work.  And, you certainly have to completely finish your woodworking items before inserting a coin as a signature since sanding these coins would really ruin their appeal. A CraftID can be sanded lightly with your work especially when the CraftID is filled. If you plan to buy campaign coins / metal signature medallions one place to check would be

Buy-CraftIDSignature coins are beautiful, but at $3.50 each may not be what you want.  Starting at $1.60 each for 25 pieces your Artisan CraftID may better represent your woodworking efforts.  You might also consider that the 1.5 ounce coin may be too heavy for your piece.  That won't be an issue with a CraftID.  So if you were thinking of buying signature coins for your woodworking or other crafts project, think about using a CraftID instead.  Just click on the green button to order your CraftIDs online today.