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Hand Signed Signatures

A handwritten signature is considered by some as the true sign of an artisan or artist. To be a truly positive embellishment to your work though, your handwritten signature has to be recognizable. Readable is a definite plus, but recognizable is a must.  Take a few minutes to read through our references for example John Castagno and the article on on hand signing your work.  These references, these people, are particularly talking about paintings and similar pieces, but their conclusions are just as valid for most arts and crafts disciplines. They make definitive points that unrecognizable signatures are at best a wash. When it comes to crafts an unrecognizable handwritten signature can easily be a negative to collectors and buyers alike.

If you are going to hand sign your work please consider the use and handling of the piece.  A Sharpie is nearly indellible, but not perfectly so.  Many a craftsman has been disappointed by signing their piece then applying a finish coat to seal the signature only to have the finish dissolve the ink and smudge the signature or bleed it into the piece.  Very disheartening.  Don't ask me how I know this.

Even painter's signatures are copied mechanically when prints are made.  They don't always sign and number every print.  You can always add your hand signature in addition to your CraftID to authenticate your work.  However, your CraftID can authenticate your work as well as market you based on your included contact information.

Buy-CraftIDYou can sign your woodworking items with any sort of pen or pencil.  At less than $1.00 each per pen or pencil it would cost next to nothing to sign your items this way.  In contrast the typical CraftID will cost $1.60 each with the minimum 25 piece purchase.  So cost is not the issue.  If you want your signature to look as good as the piece you just crafted or turned then a CraftID will provide that extra level of professionalism and consistency.  If you a signature that reflects the care you've taken in your woodworking then click on the green button to buy your CraftID online.